“El Silencio” Sadhana Kutir

El Silencio is a spiritual-yoga retreat center. A place in the midst of nature, surrounded by the hills called “Sierra de las animas” translated as “hills of the Souls” a place renowned for its vibrant and peaceful energy as well as clean nature, in the district of Maldonado, Uruguay, at 27 miles distance form the ocean beaches.

Being conveniently away from the agitation and noise of the city, El Silencio offers a refuge of peace for those who wish to:

• Learn or deep on their spiritual practices, yoga and meditation.
• Immerse themselves in deeper studies of philosophical and spiritual topics (plain living-high thinking)
• Enjoy a life of simplicity and tranquility, in harmony, respect and communion with nature.
• Getting out of the noisy, stressful and competitive environment of modern city life, to tune with their inner Self and with the elements of nature to go trough a process of healing of body, mind and emotions.

El Silencio offers retreats and teachings of different kind of courses, based on the yoga-vedanta classic tradition, through the direct lineaje of Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnudevananda.


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